Find Out About Lad and Our Horsepowered Founder

So let me start off my first blog post about my own horse as inspiration. I never intended on becoming a horse owner. I am in fact a petrol head who used to be a horse owner when I was younger. I spent some time to get to know a wonderful woman by chance who became a really good friend. I helped her with her horses each week and this meant that I came across Lad a Pacer who had been rescued from travelers and a heap of nasty abuse. He was a very broken little pony who had never been ridden before. I took the time and the patience to work with him slowly, built him up to being ridden, hacked out, schooled and more recently stopped him from ‘pacing’ (this is a fast trot they used to do with him in a single cart on the roads). We have since in around 5 months learnt how to do canter too. If it was any other horse I do not think I would have become a horse owner. It has inspired me to use my skills to come up with this blog and website for bespoke clothing. I hope you enjoy it and enjoy hearing more about Lad and our progress together.